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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Our Final UK Letters

Last week ended well, with 5th class and 6th class girls doing some creative work on topics ranging from festivals to function, carriages to carroms. We hope the UK students enjoy our final letters to them, which I will be bringing home with me next week!
Katie Madam showing off Chandana's "super work" for the camera

Finished work by Hepsi, Sumana and Samyuktha

Pujitha perfecting her Holi picture

6th class girls planning their letter on festivals

6th class girls neatly writing up their letters

Sai Prasanna and Tulasi with their letter about PT (playtime)

Karishma and Nandini with their letter

Gnapika and Sireesha's letter on the Anniversary Function

And with three days holiday due to the elections, Jess and I have had time to organise almost all of our students' gifts from the UK - can't wait to see the childrens' excitement when we start handing them out tomorrow!

UK Gifts!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Countdown!

Who would believe that I am about to start my final week teaching at Sri Chaitanya High School? And that in less than two weeks I'll be back in the UK? I feel like I should be writing a thoughtful blog post looking back on my year, but at the moment it's all just a bit too much to take in. Hopefully, for now, these photos will sum up the last crazy week and give you a last little insight into my life here in Tangutur. Look forward to that deep and thought provoking blog post on my return...!

Looking forward to seeing you all.
Lots of love from India,

PS. If you can only see three or four pictures then the current has gone. Check back in a couple of days for more snaps. Tried to upload these photos a couple of days ago, but after sitting at the computer for an hour, the power went - there are some things that I won't miss about Andhra!
Ramesh doing his impression of 'Katie Madam is angry'...

Dileep explaining every little detail of his map

Harsha deciding whether his map should be portrait or landscape. "Your selection, Harsha!"

Veera with his 'super' map of Tangutur

Mohan Sai using his classwork to help him with his map of Tangutur

Over keen boys showing me their maps


Angry Pavan, doing the 'I don't like you' action

Hands on your lips, Chinu!

Photo shy Jagadeesh (I wish!)

Geetha successfully hiding behind her Barbie pad

Bubbly Prajwala

"Water please Madam?"

A round of applause for outstanding work by the seven standing students

Beads of sweat forming in the sweltering afternoon sun

Ushasri's got her thinking cap on

Pair work in 5th class

The always eager girls showing me their work

Explaining the extension activity, after a quick "54321 show me your hands!"

New student Sruthi getting to grips with UK lessons

Cheeky Mohan Sai

Handing out stickers for all those super maps!

Big clap for Veera and his brilliant classwork

Yet more stickers for the boys!

Ganesh taking care over his colouring

Chatting in Telugu with Venkatesh

Sasi's putting her stickers to good use
"Point at Jess Madam!" "Point at Katie Madam!"

Dattu giving Yaswanth a friendly headlock...

Extension work for Akash

Captial letter corrections with Manoj

Looks like Yaswanth wasn't affected by the headlock and even managed to do some super work too!
"Smile please ma'am!"

Beginning of a creative lesson on festivals with 5th girls

"Who is talking 5th B/S?"

5th B/S's transformation from overexcited to attentive

Silent Vishnu

Hard at work...and edging closer to Katie Madam

"Hands on your head!"
Ajay noticing my not-so-subtle photography

Current is due to go any moment so I better sign out. Back to the room to continue making gifts for all the 400 children that I teach. Thank you UK students for donating so kindly, I'm sure my students' mouths will drop when they see your bundle of goodies!